12 February 2007

State GDP vs. The World

Was going to go on and on about how immense the US economy is after seeing this graph a few back on BigPicture. However, I saw a better post here and saw his h/t to Chapomatic. Great minds and all that.


Vigilis said...

Midwatch Cowboy, lest your readers form the wrong idea from the seductive GDP-equivalency map you have innocently presented, allow me to clarify the statistics.

For starters, the flawed map wants to make U.S. citizens and their counterparts believe that certain countries are the economic equivalents of U.S. states. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Take oil-rich Venezuela, for instance, is it really the economic equivalent of Iowa? If you don't mind a per capita GDP of only $5,000 versus Iowa's $29,000, perhaps. If you can stomach almost no prospects for economic advancement among Venezuela's socialistically enslaved population, perhaps. If you give no credit to the world class productivity of U.S. taxpayers, made possible by their taxpayer funded infrastructure improvements and longevity, perhaps. The Phillipines ($5,000) and Kansas ($29,000) are also misleading. See for yourself. In 2005, I noted that Germany's economy was on a per capita GDP par with oil-rich Louisiana's (before Katrina).

What are my sources? Readers must always ask that question.

and here:

Before I stop, it is worth noting that France, Italy, Great Britain and Germany have lower GDP per capita than all but four of the U.S. states. Under their forms of government our states would merit embassies in each of the foreign countries on the flawed map!

Look at the GDP map. No authorship or stated origin is given. That automatically raises questions. Who is behind it? People (propagandists) with a far left-wing agenda for the U.S. Whoever is the author, you can be certain he/she has ties to unsavory folks who relish anonymnity, and well they should.

The U.S. is among the world's top three countries in labor productivity. By excluding U.S. workers' awesome accomplishment the author has been extremely careless or dismissive to my family tree and every other American's.

Thanks for the opportunity to set this deception straight.

midwatchcowboy said...


Thanks for the comment and the data to back up your assertions. Adding value.

It's amazing that I looked at this and thought, "Wow, look how incredible the US economy is." You point out that looked at another way, it's even more flattering.

It is just that US worker productivity you point out which drives the economic output of Tennessee to be about the same as Saudi Arabia (with essentially zero worker productivity).

Thanks for the links. Like you blog design

P.S. Contrary to the data, I don't think DC's high GDP numbers should be considered productivity. More like a measure of waste. Another post subject.