30 September 2008

24 September 2008

PETA jumped the shark a long time ago

But this just reinforces that undisputable fact. They wrote a letter to Ben & Jerry's to encourage the ice cream maker to stop using bovine milk and substitute HUMAN BREAST MILK!

19 September 2008

Good on ya' Les

GROTON, Conn. – Capt. Leslie R. Elkin relieved Capt. Christopher R. Pietras as Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair (SUPSHIP) Groton, a Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) field activity, during a Sept. 10 ceremony at the Nautilus, a submarine museum in Groton.
Vice Adm. Jeffrey L. Fowler, Superintendent, U.S. Naval Academy, gave the ceremony’s keynote address. Fowler spoke about the importance of family support and sacrifice for those who serve our country in executing the Navy mission.
Rear Adm. Mark A. Hugel, NAVSEA Deputy Commander, Logistics, Maintenance and Industrial Operations, joined Fowler on the platform to present Pietras with the Legion of Merit award.
Pietras spoke briefly about the accomplishments of SUPSHIP Groton during his tour including the delivery of four Virginia Class new construction submarines, conversion of four Trident submarines into guided missile submarines (SSGN) and major repair/overhaul of seven Los Angeles and Seawolf Class submarines. The Electric Boat and SUPSHIP Groton team, working together to deliver the best and most capable submarines to the fleet “have steadfastly and professionally accomplished our mission,” said Pietras.
Elkin thanked Pietras for his years of service to SUPSHIP Groton and the U.S. Navy. Elkin spoke about the opportunity to return to Groton to continue to work with the men and women of SUPSHIP and Electric Boat. “Status quo is unacceptable. Once we achieve a standard, we decide it is no longer good enough and the bar gets higher the next time. This is the attitude of this team and I couldn’t be prouder than I am today to be a member of your team,” said Elkin.
During his previous tours at SUPSHIP Groton, Elkin served as a ship coordinator in the Repair Project Office and as Assistant Seawolf Class Project Officer. He later served as the Seawolf Project Officer. Elkin was also assigned to the Staff of Commander Submarine Forces, U.S. Atlantic Fleet where he was responsible for depot maintenance budget and scheduling. At NAVSEA, Elkin served as the Conversion Manager in the SSGN Submarine Program Office (PMS 398) and then as Assistant Program Manager for Refueling and Conversion in the SSGN Program.

That's what I've observed, too

The rise of weapons system advocacy analysis in Washington to support the budget process, I believe, corrupted the analytical process in general. You have an approach which supports the answer rather than attempting to find the answer. The rise of contractor analytical support has created a demand for more analysts than the system can support and still maintain the required professional quality.
ADM Bruce DeMars, USN (Ret)
50th anniversary of CSDS-12

18 September 2008

Real election projections

It indeed is not a popularity contest. This site has sound methods and confirm that (today) it is likely to be a very close election.

17 September 2008

Listen in on the conversation

Check out blogtalkradio tomorrow to hear the Durham, NC visit of the Navy's Conversation With The Country.

Wonder if NMCI will allow streaming of it?

FAA type certifications in doubt

Eclipse E500 Very Light Jet (VLJ) certification process is being called a "calendar driven process" where the outcome "was not in doubt." Very bad stuff.

When asked if it was a safe aircraft to fly, the FAA IG could only say that "My office has no evidence that it is unsafe."

16 September 2008

Three ways to lie

From chartjunk, first the Washington Post version of tax plans.
Next, the same story, but arranged for to show the numbers of people affected.
And lastly, according to the revenue share of the population.