11 February 2007

Chicken Little Global Warming

Well, this little article had me scratching my head. It's about methane introduction into the atmosphere accelerating due to global warming. From the permafrost and undersea methane clathrates.
"Because the methane now emitted in our study region dates to the Pleistocene age, it's clear that the process, described by scientists as 'positive feedback to global warming,' has led to the release of old carbon stocks once stored in the permafrost."

This is from Prof Jeff Chanton, an Oceanographer. Others co-authoring his paper are a biologist and a forest scientist. Not exactly global climatologists. I prefer to listen to Richard Lindzen who is smarter than the science guy. I also listen this guy who happens to use the UN's own data to, shall we say temper their claims. His book is about half footnotes.

This guy is probably polishing his Oscar acceptance speech. Yech.

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