26 November 2008

Brilliant Brits

The Washington Post describes a British ploy to determine who was making the bombs in Northern Ireland.
The plan was simple: Build a laundry and staff it with locals and a few of their own. The laundry would then send out "color coded" special discount tickets, to the effect of "get two loads for the price of one," etc. The color coding was matched to specific streets and thus when someone brought in their laundry, it was easy to determine the general location from which a city map was coded.
It's good to have smart people working for you.

Lex will not be amused

Blue Angels to hold open tryouts.

Kingdom of schoolteachers

Perusing the Strange Maps blog, I found the Kingdom of Elleore, founded during WWII...12 minutes ahead of Copenhagen.

25 November 2008

19 November 2008

Physics for Future Presidents

Sounds like an interesting book.

17 November 2008

Kaus on the Obama legacy for Dems

Mickey Kaus wonders about the Time magazine cover:
'If Obama and the Democrats succeed in restoring the economy and stabilizing the government's finances without cutting popular programs or producing social disorder, they'll keep being reelected for decades'?
However, he better not screw it up like FDR did. Thanks to some research from UCLA economists.
The fact that the Depression dragged on for years convinced generations of economists and policy-makers that capitalism could not be trusted to recover from depressions and that significant government intervention was required to achieve good outcomes," Cole said. "Ironically, our work shows that the recovery would have been very rapid had the government not intervened.

07 November 2008

Optimism for conservative principles just not the GOP

The Club for Growth has a very enlightening survey. Seems that although the Dems won in this round, all is not lost for the GOP, if it adopts some fiscally responsible positions. I'd add a dash of libertarianism to counter the religious conservatives, too.

05 November 2008

Not the worst thing in the world

Well, the US electorate has chosen. Long live the Republic. Surprisingly, I will pray for President Obama's health. Just because I shudder to think what an imbecile like Biden would do in the White House. I, at least, believe Obama is intelligent.

Some others are predicting some bad outcomes (nuclear war in the middle east) and some good one disguised as bad ones (world economic implosion). Both are worth a read.

03 November 2008

Biggest Navy Football Comeback (ever?)

Down 27-7 to Temple (the Fighting Jello Puddings) in the 4th quarter. Then the comeback courtesy of Ricky Dobbs (Navy backup QB), Clint Sovie (Navy LB) and Al Groden (Temple Coach). Click for video.