19 August 2008

Movie review

I know Joel does movie reviews. Me, not so much. However, I feel compelled to give you the benefit of my $7.50. Perhaps it's because I don't go that often. Netflix + 58" @ 16:9 is so sweet.

Obama may not be the post-racial candidate, "Tropic Thunder", however, is probably the post-racial movie. Robert Downey Jr. may be the first actor to be nominated for best actor while in blackface (perhaps since Al Jolson?). He's become a terrific actor and does an amazing job with an easy to detect parody of Russell Crowe. He plays an acclaimed aussie bad boy actor who tries to get into his role by going through a controversial pigmentation treatment. What makes this work is the rapper working on his revenue streams (e.g. Booty Sweat) who lays into him, incessantly.

From the beginning of the movie (actually an ad for Booty Sweat energy drink) to the credits dancing of special guest star Tom Cruise, the movie is crude, lewd, clever and hilarious.

Some overly sensitive groups have been complaining over the use of the term "retard". The problem is that I don't believe the people complaining have seen the film. If anything the movie makes fun of people using the term. There should be no controversy here.

One strong word of caution - I thought this movie should be NC-17. It's extraordinarily strong language, even in the company of submariners, with persistant and graphic discussions of sex acts of every possible kind. So be aware.

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