11 July 2008

Should have seen this coming

When you expect to sell MILLIONS of iPhones and have people actually want to use them, don't fail to upgrade your severs or rent some extra server space or bandwidth!

Also, Apple should probably have rewarded current iPhone owners (early adopters) by giving them the 2.0 software a couple days early to avoid this:
Apple this afternoon officially released version 2.0 of iPhone software for both first-generation iPhones and the iPod touch. iPhone users, however, should not attempt to install the update at this time due to ongoing Apple server issues.

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Anonymous said...

My iPhone update went smoothly from the Apple side. The Mac software update to grab iTunes 7.7 and the Firmware 2 transfers from the mother ship went smoothly. The firmware load kept hanging while the phone was on a PCI USB 2 port. Moving the phone to a built-in USB 1 port resolved the firmware load issue. I moved the phone back to the Usb 2 port to sync.

All this Friday 7/11 after work when you'd expect Apple to be busy. I expect much of the trouble results from sloppy USB driver or hardware problems. The majority of the problems seem to be with Windows hosts. My troubles were with an older Mac and a Sonnet USB plus FireWire card that had done three previous updates without trouble. The iTunes 7.7 firmwear loader may be more fussy than earlier versions.