27 July 2008

All things nuclear are not the same

Add another one to the long list of ignoramuses that:

1) Can't distinguish between nuclear weapons and nuclear power:
Accidents involving American and Soviet ships, bombers and rockets have left at least 50 warheads and nine nuclear reactors scattered on the ocean floors.
2) Believe that any incident of release of contamination (radioactive material) is an accident that harms the public:
In the 1980s, a study by the nonprofit Fund for Constitutional Government estimated there had been at least 37 cases of radioactive leaks on Navy ships.
3) Think that thousands of feet of seawater are not sufficient shielding from a downed nuclear reactor or that any leaked radiation will make it into our food or water supply.
4) Can't understand that civilian nuclear plants don't have to navigate the seas and can be made even safer than nuclear power for naval propulsion.
5) Believe that the Navy could and does keep secret the many accidents and death from nuclear power that they must have :
There's a long tradition of military secrecy that shrouds ships carrying nuclear weapons, making it hard to know for certain why some accidents occurred - or what injuries or deaths might have resulted.
Errol Lewis, you are a doofus. Do some research next time.

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