27 November 2007

JROTC /= child soldiers

Somebody outta smack the author of this around. Sorry, that was too violent a reaction. Must be the militaristic ethos in me.

"My elementary school was out of control. Everybody just did whatever they wanted," said Mariah Coleman, 14.

"Here there's discipline, but there's freedom as well. Everybody just respects each other and we get respect from the teachers."

Standing with her hands clasped firmly behind her back, Coleman wrinkles her nose at the thought of enlisting and explains that she wants to be a mathematician. She enrolled in the Marine academy because she thought it would help her get into college.

She has four years until graduation.

At least the students have a clue. Read the whole thing.


bothenook said...

the horror, the horror. reaching out to a group (underprivileged) that has little or no parental guidance, providing them with disciple and possibly sparking something besides selfish nihilism in school kids? what the hell are they thinking?

midwatchcowboy said...

Just agenda driven lefties. Not sure why I'm surprised anymore.