08 January 2009


This one was not expected. SSN 785 will be named after the recently retired Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Former Petty Officer 3rd Class and Capt in USMC, he was on the SASC and Sea-Power subcommittee. Loyal part of the submarine friendly VA-CT-RI delegations.


J120 Bowman said...

I'm against naming ships after people that are still alive.

Rickover, sure, I can see that. Singlehandedly created the modern sub force.

Henry M Jackson died before they re-named the boat after him and pushed the Rhode Island name to SSBN-740.

Reagan and H. W. Bush having carriers named, maybe, but it's a stretch, but they were Presidents.

Warner! No way. This is obviously a "payback" for support of the "Virginia" class boats.

BostonMaggie said...

This is wrong, wrong, wrong!