07 April 2008

Unlikely support for submarine construction

Wired.com blogs seem to be supporting the recent push by Congress to increase submarine production to two per year.
Then why subs at all? Because, despite the best efforts of naval technologists over the past 100 years, submarines are still by far the most powerful seaborne weapons ever developed. Nothing's better for winning a full-scale sea war. Need proof? See here and here. Forget $5-billion DDG-1000 battleships . Submarines rule the waves.

For once, there's good news. Nearly every other aspect of Pentagon weapons-buying might be spinning out of control and piling on cost, but submarines construction is actually going remarkably well. Our brand-new, super-powerful Virginia-class attack boats are on-time, on-budget (around $2 billion per copy) and getting cheaper.
Couldn't have said it better. Nice to see the general public onboard.

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