18 January 2008

Chinese media grills USPACOM commander

I'll let the article speak for itself. Seems like there were many questions from a very controlled media that were nearly confrontational with ADM Keating. He handled himself well. Some quotes:
"We don't need China's permission to go through the Taiwan Strait, it is international waters," Keating said. He said the U.S. Navy "will exercise our free right of passage whenever and wherever we choose, as we have done repeatedly in the past, and will do in the future."
Bravo. Concur, sir.

Xinhua asked the admiral what the United States would do if war breaks out across the Taiwan Strait in 2008.

"The reason we are here (is because) our fundamental goal is to make sure that the situation you describe does not happen," Keating said.

Great sidestep. Worth the read, just wish we had a full transcript of the event.

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