20 April 2007

SSN 780 to be named soon?

The seventh submarine of the VIRGINIA class might be named soon (New Mexico was named in December 2004) . Rumor has it that it will be named for a state (big surprise) and probably after a former battleship.

Here are the ones that are off the list:

Alabama - current SSBN
Arizona - historical reasons
Connecticut - current SSN
Florida - current SSGN
Georgia - current SSGN
Iowa - reserve fleet
Kentucky - current SSBN
Louisiana - current SSBN
Maine - current SSBN
Maryland current SSBN
Michigan - current SSBN
Nebraska - current SSBN
Nevada - current SSBN
New Hampshire - new construction SSN
New Mexico - new construction SSN
New York - new construction LPD
North Carolina - new construction SSN
Ohio - current SSGN
Pennsylvania - current SSBN
Rhode Island - current SSBN
Tennessee - current SSBN
Texas - current SSN
Virginia - current SSN
West Virginia - current SSBN
Wyoming - current SSBN

That still leaves a pretty long list of candidates:

New Jersey
New York
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota

Of those, I have my money on California, New York or Washington. Two of these are big states and two have large Navy presence. The overlapping choice - California.

Edit: reliable sources inform that New York is off the list.


Bubblehead said...

It won't be USS New York; she's an LPD that's currently under construction.

Anonymous said...

I was on the SSN 778 and rumor has it that it was to be named the Puerto Rico. But that is all rumor, but that is what all the higher ups were saying.

nukecwo said...

Wilkapedia list it as the Massachusetts. I would really like to know since I'm supervising it's construction.

Anonymous said...

I would almost bet money that they would NOT name it the Missouri. That name may never be used again. There's just too much history that great ship.

Bubblehead758 said...

I would like it to be named U.S.S. New Jersey. Big-J could use a Little -J to continue the fight for freedom.

Bubblehead758 said...

I also believe they should change the official name of USS San Francisco SSN-711. Since they are using the front end of the Honolulu, to fix her up. That means the front of her is Honolulu, and only the back of her is San Francisco. So they should call her the USS Hono Francisco. The front half of Honolulu's name, and the back end of San Francisco's name. Or they could just ditch the name San Francisco all together, as that city don't give a damn, about the Navy, or the military for that matter any more. Just my feelings though.

Anonymous said...

ssn 780:uss vermont

Anonymous said...

8/20/07 Billings Gazette. Mt. Sen. Jon Tester (D) pushing for USS Montana. We'll see.

Bosun said...

Should be named after North Dakota the State and Dreadnaught BB29, the last ship to be named ND and that was in 1907, Too many states like Texas have have an abundance of Naval Vessels named after the state and cities, same goes for California. Bosun

Bosun said...

I am for USS North Dakota, last ship of that name was a Dreadnaught BB29, So named in 1907, Too many states have several ships named after them, time to even out the sheet a bit.

Bosun said...

Sorry about the double entry, I messed up some how. Bosun

Anonymous said...

FTLCPO on my boat has orders to PCU California, homeported in Groton

Bradley said...

I saw on navytimes.com today the following:
SSN-780 Missiouri
SSN-781 Claifornia
SSN-782 Mississippi

Anonymous said...

I found out this morning that SSN 780 will be named Missouri. It was going to be the California, but that changed.

Anonymous said...

I have the option of selecting NEWCON orders to SSN 781 in Norfolk, VA. I do not know much about VA or NEWCON. Any infomation of past experiences would be great. i.e. pros and cons. I have a wife and 5 month old boy. Thanks alot.

zauberlichneo said...

I'm curious about what the crew does on a new construction too. I just got orders to the Missouri and wonder what there is for an ELT to do?

Anonymous said...

woohoo go Missouri

Sonar said...

"...probably after a former battleship."
Leaves out "USS Montana". Laid twice, canceled during construction twice.

Simon said...

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